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Maryland school of law admitted students day

Well that was much more than I expected! I woke up early at 7 AM Ish and headed over to Baltimore. Getting to the school with parking and stuff was easy. initial impression: beautiful city campus and building. the law school sits adjacent to the medical school and pharmacy school and is very modern looking. ive always liked baltimore and no its not like the wire. I checked in and got the tour of the school which was awesome. Everything was really well organized and everybody was really nice. Also the food was pretty good. I really wish umd would send me some money so they become a top contender again.

Now I gotta get ready for next week’s w&l tour. Really excited for w&l!

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Exciting Day!

The buildings on our campus magically block cellphone service so I didn’t get to check my phone for 2 hour-long classes. When I finally get out of my second class and walk outside I see that I have a voice mail and click on it. Some 212(?) number. It was a call from Cardozo that I’ve got in with scholarship! 



So I’m excited and walking to my next class and I get another phone call from an unknown number. I didn’t pick up since I don’t pick up numbers that I don’t know. Turns out to be a phone call from GMU law saying that I’ve gotten accepted into their law school :D 

This all happened within 30 minutes and the rest of the day was just a blur and I celebrated by getting some delicious pretzel bites. 

Still can’t believe that I’m doing so well this cycle. Now Cardozo is definitely one of my top choices since it’s in NYC and I want a NYC job but I need to get a much larger scholarship in order to cover NYC’s cost of living. Still leaning towards W&L currently and hoping for scholarship or I’ll be too broke to go there. Mason is also a really good choice for me since I’ll be attending school 30 min away from home. So… basically now it’s down to money.

Overall I’m happy to say that I’m 6 of 8. 
Currently Accepted: American, Miami, Maryland, GMU, Cardozo, W&L
                Rejected: UVA
               Waitlisted: UIUC

but nonetheless: I’M GOING TO LAW SCHOOL


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